An Omelet with Dilijan Mushrooms

To create dishes for Renommée, Karen Khachatryan draws inspiration from the native land and nature. His miracle-working hands transform the boon granted by the Armenian soil into vivid emotions, bright memories and a mellow narrative.  

His search for new tastes brought our chef to Dilijan, one of the most spectacular parts of Armenia, that boasts pine-groves with thick foliage, green forests, a valuable cultural heritage, culinary traditions, and a rich history.

If we close our eyes and recall Dilijan, we will remember large and small mushrooms, growing on and from the trees after a heavy rain. The locally popular dish is the Dilijan omelet with local tree-fungi, often made with the freshly picked mushrooms right in the forest, on a bonfire. The green forests in Dilijan may offer a treat of truffle, commonly rendered as a rare ingredient.

Fried Dilijan tree-fungus (oyster mushrooms), some cream marinated with onions for 24 hours, and the sauce made from wine, bay leaves, truffle cream, and cheese are mixed with eggs at a high temperature. The chef brings to you the taste of an omelet, maintaining creamy texture. The dish is served in tartlets, plated with potato chips and Dilijan truffles. The experience of being served this dish and its taste will transport you to a green forest in Dilijan, reminding of the smoke from the fire and the tantalizing aroma of the mushroom omelet.