Parade of Flavors

The chef’s professionalism can be testified to by the varieties of flavours, achieved from the merger of ingredients that seem interesting and incompatible at first sight, yet the palate can identify a myriad of flavors one after the other within fractions of a second. This dish will help you recognize and discover the most delicate and subtle flavors. 

The poussin, marinated in the olive oil and wrapped in filo dough, topped with a layer of caramel made with ginger, beer, nutmeg sugar, and coconut flakes, leads the parade. A piece of this wrap will explode with an original taste of the meat and coconut, to be followed by peanuts.

And this unique bouquet will be crowned with some piquancy, ensured by the combination of the sweet-sour tamarind and curry pastes with Indian spices, coconut milk, and fermented fish broth. And if you liked the coconut flavour, enjoy the coconut jello, served with dill oil.