Armenian Gold

Ancient Armenian goldsmiths used to create exclusive and luxurious jewelry, creating a heritage of Armenian jewel-making.  

Armenian gold and the pieces, masterfully designed by our goldsmiths enjoy significant demand in the contemporary world, since the delicate and artful design and implementation by our masters was highly valued and saluted.

Our chef, a master of his art, exercises detailed and original approaches, to create true masterpieces in his art-studio – in the kitchen.

All the ingredients of this golden dish are produced locally. 
The gilded ball is cast over fire with pure gold dust. The delicately tasted, juicy and soft meat is capsulated in beef garum and aged for 8 days to be merged with the Armenian truffle, made with a milk- and cream-based sauce, basil, coriander, onion, and capers. 

You will taste the umami due to the combination of the meat marinated in the beef garum, the koji mushroom grown in our kitchen and the juice, resulting from the 3-month long fermentation.