Matsoon - Gata

We are now tracing down the tastes and flavours of our childhood.

Gata is the sweetest and crispiest jem of the Armenian cuisine. It has had its own special place on the Armenian table on all occasions, during festivities and rituals, and only the Lady of the house was trusted with this task of baking the most important dessert.

There are different ways and recipes of baking gata, but the one we used to enjoy with some matsoon – plain Armenian yogurt – is the cherished flavour of our childhood. In every Armenian family, the recipe the Lady of the house follows contains a own small secret of her own. Our Chef has his own approach. Our gata is served with matsoon, just as we recall it from our childhood – a combination of matsoon and gata and tea.

The Armenian traditional dessert – gata.
The traditional gata, believed to perfectly combine with matsoon, is served with foie-gra yogurt: marinating the foie-gra in the Armenian cognac, it is cooked sous vide at 62C, to be mixed with matsoon and seasoned with parmesan espuma.