Seven Notes

The first three notes of the taste are the three textures of the juice - cream, sauce and foam, obtained from tomatoes marinated in basil and salt for 24 hours. The other textures are tomatoes processed in three different ways - fresh, marinated with basil, and squeezed with a press (under weight) to a jelly-like state. The last, the 7th texture is the powder of dried tomato peel.

The first layer of the dish is the cream made with tomato juice and dairy cream, the second layer consists of tomatoes processed in three ways - seasoned with tarragon, chili pepper and olive oil, the third layer is the cream again. Rounding out the dish is sauce prepared with basil and fish broth, and tomato foam.

The dish is decorated with cream of yellow, green, red grilled peppers, sheep cheese, dill oil and dried tomato peel powder. 

This seemingly complicated dish stands out for its minimalistic taste: trying it, you will fully feel the tomato taste.