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Welcome to Renommée. Welcome on board for this journey of tastes and flavours.

Renommée by Yeremyan Projects is a unique new haute cuisine restaurant with signature dishes, the first ever of  its kind in Yerevan. 
Translated from French, “Renommée” means renown, fame, and reputation.

This restaurant is the best illustration of the reputation and fame, earned by Yeremyan Projects over many years.

Renommée provides an exclusive opportunity to experience the original, hence the slogan of the restaurant – UNIQUE.

renommee renommee
Karen Khachatryan

The Chef

Karen Khachatryan, the chef at Renommée, is the lead of the Culinary Art curriculum at Yeremyan Projects Academy of Culinary Art and Hospitality. He has two silver medals from the Culinary World Cup (Luxembourg, 2014), two gold medals from the European Championship in Carving (Moscow 2013), a gold and silver medals from the Carving Championships of Russia of different years, and a silver medal from the International Open Competition (Kiev 2011).

He has honorably represented our country at various other international competitions, sitting on the jury as honorary juror. Karen Khachatryan is a member of the National Guild of Chefs in Russia and Belarus, Armenian and Ukrainian Chefs’ Associations, and the Committee for the Preservation and Promotion of the Armenian National Cuisine. For years, he worked in Michelin-starred restaurants in different countries, and his signature dishes compliment the menus of those restaurants.

Karen Khachatryan is a true virtuoso of culinary art whose bright imagination and creativity weave the magic symphony of Renommée’s tastes and flavours.